Teach your mind!

Yes teach your mind. It’s about being you in your control to do stuff. When I feel like waking up early in the morning I never use my alarm for it. I simply let my mind know that I should wake up early and it wakes me up.

Power of subconscious mind is seamless

My gut feeling says that you can teach your mind to make your things done. It’s all about having control on your senses and letting mind drive towards what you wanted to achieve. When I feel that strongly about waking up early and going for a jog, then I keep thinking about it all the time.

Thinking always about the important things that matter to you will prepare your mind to do it. This will be stored in your subconscious memory and you will be able to control your senses ultimately you can do what you wanted to do, you can achieve what you wanted to achieve, you can become what you wanted to become.

Its all about being you and driving yourself for things you believe.

So start from today. Teach your mind to do things for you. Say it you should wake up early and keep thinking about it. And you will end up waking up early which your mind does for you.

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Thanks for reading👍🏻

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