Pavocoin Update on ICO

We have received some inquiries about the status of the Pavocoin ICO, and target dates. We write this today to provide some answers.

This past year has been a tough one for cryptocurrency markets. We have seen a precipitous decline in the price of Bitcoin and alt-coins, and a tightening of regulations. In years past, the seemingly never-ending rise of Bitcoin fueled purchases of ICOs, including tokens offered by strong companies with deployed product, such as Pavo.

In evaluating these, and all other related factors, the Pavo team has decided to postpone our ICO for an indefinite period, during which time we will focus on exploiting and expanding our existing deployments in California and Europe, and monitor the crypto arena for signs of price recovery in Bitcoin and alt-coins, and a resurgence of robust appetites for ICO tokens. We expect this sharpening of focus on our innovative IoT platform for agribusiness will even better position us for a successful ICO in the future. However, our private pre-sale continues and is open.

For the interim, we want to thank all the members of supportive community, who have placed their faith in our ability to revolutionize the agriculture ecosystem. We thank you, and wish the best for you and your families this holiday season.