The Human Parts Open Thread: Letter to a Stranger
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Dear Lady Who Was in a Hurry,

I was ahead of you in line at the shop and you hissed at me to move forward, to pay, to get out of the way. I said, “Sure,” in a calming tone. I was not in a hurry. You obviously were, but you did not ask to take my place in the line or anything. You did not demand special treatment. The only thing you objected to was my slow reactions and what could look like indecisiveness. A man should be anything but indecisive.

When I was walking home, I saw you run out of the store and shuffle down the street. I looked at my watch, it was half past eight. So you were late.

I could not understand why you were pushing me so hard when we were in the line, because I am never in a hurry. I do not have to be at work at 8 am, or any specified time for that matter, so it is hard for me to get into the mindset. It took me a little bit to understand.

If I realized sooner, I would have let you go in front of me. I did not mean for you to suffer. I never have. I wish I could do some good in your life.


The Guy in Front of You Who Was Not in a Hurry

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