An Innovation Toward a Better Future — SIX Bike signal

At Pax, we focus on tackling projects in the web, mobile and firmware sphere. We are always working on a variety of design, software and hardware projects. With SIX, we noticed a common problem within our community, each year in Canada, 75,000 cyclists are seriously injured in traffic accidents. Over a third of deaths occur overnight.

right/left indication gesture with SIX

We saw that hand signalling was not enough to help cyclists communicate on the road, especially at night when they are almost invisible compared to other vehicles — we needed something more.

Thus SIX, the gesture-controlled bike light, was born. SIX is the first ever product of its kind, unlike current bike signal lights on the market, which require button activation and sacrifice the rider’s focus, SIX users need only to perform standard cycling hand signals they are already accustomed to. SIX promotes injury prevention and nighttime visibility for cyclists, giving them the confidence needed to travel on shared road spaces.

If 100,000 cyclists used this device, we expect a 5% decrease in cyclist fatalities. This would result in the prevention of at least 3 deaths and 375 serious injuries.

On Friday May 20th, to celebrate the phenomenal teamwork that has been put into SIX, we will be hosting an event at the Well Café and Bar.

We also want to use this day to introduce another project we’ve been working on — Ship Rogue-Like (SRL). SRL is a single player space combat simulator online video game. If you want to get a much more in depth first glance at the game, read this post and join us at the Well on Friday!

Click here to RSVP to our event.

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