Ship Rogue-Like, A New Project Coming to Pax

Set in a dystopian future, Ship Rogue-Like (SRL) is a single player, combat space simulator indie game that follows the epic battles of an anti-government prison escapee and an artificially intelligent ship.

SRL introduces a mechanic that contemporary culture is currently obsessed with: Artificially Intelligent (AI) robots as customizable aids and allies. Players will have the opportunity to sculpt the learning behaviours of their allies through arcade play. The game acts as a learning tool for those wanting to explore AI.

Ship Rogue-Like is still in its early development stages, we will be keeping updated development blogs for our readers as we go through the process of perfecting the game.

Join us on Friday May 20th at the Well Café and Bar to get a first look at Ship Rogue-Like and to celebrate the last few days of our Kickstarter campaign for SIX bike light!

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