How to create AZART wallet?

AZART coin is a promising and economical means of payment in the gaming industry. This is evidenced by the genuine interest in AZART from exchanges and ordinary users, as well as the positive dynamics of growth in the value of the coin.

To create AZART wallet you need:

For PC version

Choose your operating system on

Choosing an operating system

Download the appropriate distribution in the list that corresponds to the latest version:

Choose the latest distribution for your operating system

Unpack the archive and select the data storage location of the AZART block chain. Wait for the creation and installation of the wallet:

Creating AZART wallet

Complete synchronization with AZART network:

Wait for full synchronization with AZART network

At the end of full synchronization, it is recommended to encrypt the wallet:

Set a password to AZART wallet

To find out the details for receiving funds (receiving adresses), click “File” -> “Receiving adresses” and in the window that opens, copy the address using the appropriate button in the lower left corner of the dialog box:

Request a receiving address
Copy existing receiving address or generate a new one

Done! Congratulations! Now the received address can be used to receive funds.

For Android and iOS

Use the corresponding tab on the official website

Connect Azart Wallet for Android and iOS

To complete the installation and create a wallet AZART use the further instructions in the application.