lists Oyster (PRL) to over 35 FIAT Pairs!

What is PayFair? is a decentralised Escrow platform and is designed to allow its customers a safe, private and decentralised environment to trade, providing a trust-less experience. Think localbitcoin without the limitations of only Bitcoin to trade with!

Trading is live across a wide selection of Crypto to FIAT pairs, including the newly added Oyster (PRL)! Visit us here

What is Oyster Protocol?

The Oyster Protocol, or Oyster Pearl, is an all-new platform that employs a unique approach to getting content publishers and consumers to work with one another, thereby enabling both parties to benefit monetarily. To be more specific, Oyster Pearl enables everyday internet users to store and retrieve their files via a system that is decentralised, anonymous and secure.

Oyster Pearl has been devised specifically to remedy the stalemate that exists between advertisers and ad-blockers. This is achieved by empowering a website to generate revenue by adopting a single line of code that is specific to the platform.

In addition to this, the service makes use of a decentralised online storage system that has been conceived through the use of the Ethereum blockchain along with IOTA’s Tangle protocol. The result is Oyster Pearl, a unique product that allows users to employ its native currency to generate value for themselves as well as content distributors.

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