PFR Token Swap — UPDATE

We are delighted to announce the following updates to the ongoing PFR swap:

Swap Timeline

30th January 2019 — COMPLETE

PayFair launches token swap contract

30th January 2019 — COMPLETE

IDEX inform their community about the swap

1st February 2019 — COMPLETE

PayFair platform accepts NEW TOKENS only as trust-nodes

6th February 2019 — COMPLETE

Old PFR token to be de-listed from IDEX

8th February 2019 — COMPLETE

IDEX and FatBTC launches new PFR token for trading

11th February 2019 — First wave of tokens swapped!

Old tokens on the Payfair platform automatically swapped to new token. PFR withdraws will be closed during this time (Client and Escrow accounts only — Trust Nodes tokens must be manually swapped as they are NOT on the PayFair platform!)

Exchange Updates

IDEX and FatBTC have now switched from the old PFR token to the new PFR token. In regards to IDEX, the news of the swap can be found in their twitter post here:

If you have not withdrawn your old PFR tokens from IDEX, do not worry, you are still able to do so as the withdraw works in normal mode. Please cancel all orders before withdrawing, and note that there is no time-frame that withdrawals must be made by.

Platform Updates

The withdrawal of the new PFR token from the platform has been enabled (from client and escrow accounts). Deposit and trading of the new PFR token as also been turned on and is fully working.

The first wave of old tokens on the Payfair platform has been automatically swapped to the new token. (Client and Escrow accounts only — Trust Nodes tokens must be manually swapped as they are NOT on the PayFair platform!)

Still need to swap your tokens?

How to perform the token swap from old PFR to new PFR:

Create a client account (or use your existing) and send your PFR tokens to it, they will be automatically converted to the new PFR token.

Each week moving forward from the 11th we will automatically convert any tokens that are held on your client account. So if you have been away for a while, simply send them over to it and we will convert it.

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