The Social Exchange — Update

Ryan Redmond
May 20 · 3 min read

We are delighted to announce the next offering that is being integrated into the platform; The Social Exchange. Full details of the Social Exchange can be found HERE.

News and Updates

By the 15th June we will unveil the first update of the new integration for feedback from our community.

We have now created a new supporting token, SEPFR, available through the Social Exchange crowdsale. All crowdsale participants will receive their Social Exchange tokens (SEPFR), and as before, participants will receive PFR tokens as an additional incentive.

The Social Exchange crowdsale will end on the 31st May. Individuals who have already taken part in the crowdsale will receive PFR tokens (and SEPFR) in line with the end of the crowd-sale.

Any remaining SEPFR token will be sold exclusively on our platform — at a price of 0.00008 ETH = 1 SEPFR token (without the additional PFR tokens). The new token, SEPFR, will give its holders the privileged right to additional profits from the social exchange.

A total of 2 million SEPFR tokens will be released. For example, if you hold 1 million SEPFR tokens, you will receive 50% of the profits from the social exchange volume.

Fee breakdown reminder

Fee Breakdown

There are no changes to how the existing PayFair platform operates or pays dividend. The fee breakdown below is applicable to the new integration only and existing PFR Trust-Node holders are entitled to a 1% fee.

This integration brings new revenue for PayFair and its node holders. A charge of 3.5% will be made on all deals made between content creators and advertisers. Depending on how the deal came about and completed, the funds will be split as follows:

For example: A deal goes through the platform for 100 ETH without escrow or referral. If you hold 50% of the SEPFR in circulation, your payout would be 1.25 ETH. This would be ON TOP of any Trust-Node payouts.

As highlighted above, a percentage of the deal goes to a category called Privileged Members, these members have a privileged right to receive income from the activities of the new integration due to their SEPFR holdings in the form of an additional ~2.5–1.5% of the turnover.

You can read more about new integration, privileged status and dividends in our previous article on social exchange:

Would you like to participate?

Send your desired ETH contribution to our crowdsale address here:

In return, you will receive 1 PFR and 1 SEPFR for every 0.00007 ETH, this will be issued within the first two weeks of June!

The crowd-sale will close on the 31st May 2019.

Thank you for your continued support!

The PayFair Team

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