How to be an “Overnight Success”
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary, I tripped on the video to this the other day while pushing through Periscope and wanted to Thank You…. Everything we do is out of pocket and over the past year we have had mechanical issues with the truck that haven’t let us utilize it to its fullest potential. I hate that I haven't been able to expand the role of PIFM for the community….. I have considered selling the truck, but we have made a commitment to the community and have to make sure that we are always here in some capacity for them. The “ Thank You” is for the wake up call… to stop bitching about what we can't do and target the things we can. I forgot how hard we worked to get it off the ground and just need to put that same time in so it can evolve. Here’s looking forward to 16 hours day…. Thank You!!!!

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