NIO Means Big Things For POS With The Innovative Payment Terminal Cloud Approach

Have you heard of NIO? Perhaps you have, but you may not understand what a difference it makes for payment terminals by allowing for the modern and innovative new payment terminal cloud approach. This approach instantly makes a payment terminal solution better, smarter and more appealing to its customers.

NIO and its implications are complicated, but here’s the bottom line: When non-blocking input/output (NIO) is used for an embedded payment solution, payment terminal clouds can be created that remove the POS system from the PCI scope by changing the way communication is handled.

The details may be complex, but the idea is simple. Credit card terminals can now open a communication channel with the server and keep it open for any notifications that come their way. The POS system can also send commands. And many terminals can all be connected at once. There are also other significant advantages to this approach that become clear as you explore the topic further.

Understand? The details become clearer as you learn more about modern payment gateway solutions that include EMV payment terminal cloud support. One such choice is the UniPay payment gateway from United Thinkers, an innovative and robust payment gateway with advanced features based on the latest technology. Additional information is available in the article at #PayVisors.

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