Some new, exciting developments and announcements about our partnership with Props!

Hi all! It has been a crazy, difficult, and eventful year, capped off by our successful integration with Props and some great early engagement and results on the Listia platform. The combined network is now growing quickly.

As we look forward to working more closely with the Props ecosystem, here is a look at some of the latest updates from their team. It looks to be a very eventful January with things like an updated white paper, exchange listings, and partnerships. Staking and other great features are also coming to Props, so be on the lookout for that, with additional…

A couple months into the partnership launch, the Props integration is showing some great results on Listia.

Hi everyone! After a busy summer, we are pleased to announce that we have completed a successful integration and launch with our new partner, Props!

As we announced earlier this year, this is the first step in trying to build a much larger, combined community for consumer token adoption. You can read about the features in one of our other blog posts here.

Things kicked off before the summer and with everything going on in the world, we did experience a bunch of delays. The great news is that we are now live as planned and the early results are…

An update on all the progress and planned features + benefits as we work to get Props integrated into Listia and then Replin.

Hi everyone! It has been about a month since we announced our partnership with Props and things have been moving very quickly on the product and development front. Props has been making waves in some other apps recently as well, which is great news for the network! They also recently passed 1.7M unique token users.

The team is currently working on wrapping up some of the back-end changes to support the new rewards system and a lot of work has been completed on the web front-end, Android and iOS apps now as well. The next piece is building all the…

We have some big news to share! Listia will be partnering with Props to integrate their consumer-facing token into the Listia marketplace and apps. The Props Token, which has already been earned and used by more than 1 million users, will power a newly revamped rewards and loyalty system on Listia. We are huge believers in the power of a token that not only unlocks features and gives you more value within marketplaces, but also gives you a true financial stake in the network. …

With the launch of native listings on Replin, we are doubling down on the personal store concept to supplement the existing decentralized selling profile.

Sample store filled with native listings:

You can now list items and services directly on Replin without going through a social channel such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. While most of our sellers still find their buyers on social media, the native listing format allows them to easily list once and sell across multiple channels.

Take a look at the super simple flow below:

Replin is shifting from a simple seller profile and payments page to a full featured personal store featuring seller reputation.

Hi everyone! Ever since our previous Replin Checkouts launch, we have noticed that our early users really love the idea of a personal shop or storefront. It’s a lot easier to understand than a “seller profile” and has a lot more utility as well. Sellers can put up things they are selling in a light and easy way, while showing off their Ink Protocol reputation, and of course accepting payment instantly.

So, we will now be referring the Replin marketplace as simply “Replin Stores”. The home page of Replin now also talks about stores and not just a “selling profile”…

Buyers can now checkout directly using PayPal and Ink Protocol on any seller’s Replin store!

We recently introduced personal storefronts to the Replin marketplace, but buyers still needed to click through to the original social post in order to buy. We’ve been hard at continuing to improve the experience and are extremely excited to announce that you can now checkout directly on a store listing!

Every seller can now create listings and show off their reputation on a simple, easy-to-use storefront page, that is populated directly from their social media selling activity. Currently, we support Twitter sellers and are looking into other platforms soon.

This is a huge step in getting more transactions onto Replin…

Sellers can get their very own online storefront to sell on Twitter and across platforms. Seller profiles and p2p payments are built on top of Ink Protocol’s blockchain-based reputation system, so there are no marketplace fees and users control their own data.

Today we are happy to announce the launch of personal shops on Replin! All Replin sellers now automatically get a free storefront page that can be used to sell across many platforms. It’s like having a free eBay/Etsy/Shopify store that you own and that can be used everywhere, with absolutely NO marketplace fees! Sellers get paid directly via their existing PayPal account and continue earning feedback via Ink Protocol to build up their reputation.

We are already seeing hundreds of new listings added each day to the Replin Marketplace, and early user feedback has been great for the new storefront…

Our vision for e-commerce and p2p commerce is all about decentralization and giving power back to buyers and sellers. Ink Protocol empowers people to own their online reputation and use it to buy and sell on their own terms.

Today, we are taking a huge step forward in our goal of building a global, decentralized p2p marketplaces powered by Ink Protocol’s blockchain-based reputation system. Anyone who sells on Twitter can now add their listings to the Replin Marketplace for free to reach more buyers and sell online without the high fees that traditional centralized marketplaces charge.

Just mention @OnReplin in your tweet, include a photo, and add a price.

See it in action:

Alternative Marketplaces

We are big believers in alternative marketplaces, and over the last few months have found a tremendous amount of buying and selling activity on Twitter…

Buyers can now see all your current listings on your Replin profile, allowing them to easily find more stuff to buy.

Today we dropped another powerful feature on Replin! Replin sellers can now proudly display all of their listings in one place, right on their own personal selling profile. This is a great way to attract more buyers, build trust, and start making more money when you sell online. Avoid those super high marketplace fees and getting locked into marketplaces that own your data. Take control of your own personal brand and sell direct!

Our decentralized marketplace release last week has been going well, and we are already seeing hundreds of listings!

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