Do You Know How Lucky You Really Are?

I ask myself that question as often as possible.

Sometimes I forget.

When I compare with someone who has it “better”, I forget.

On the mission to be successful, I forget.

On the mission to satisfy my every hunger and live life to the fullest, I forget.

I forget that 30 years ago my parents came to America, with me and my brother in tow with not a penny in their pockets.

I forget that my mom, master’s degree in hand, walked every day to work at the local grocery store.

I forget that then my mom at night, with master’s degree in hand, scrubbed toilets clean at the airport.

I forget that my dad, with a previous title of vice president of a bank, worked all kinds of hours hitting keys on a register in a gas station.

I forget, that my parents for more than 10 years struggled and saved every cent they made.

I forget I’ve never had to survive like they did.

I forget they gave up their prime years in their lives.

For ME.

For my brother.

For our future.

I forget they didn’t get vacations around the world.

I forget they didn’t get the comfy corporate job I complained about.

I forget just how much they sacrificed sometimes.

So the question: Do I know how lucky I am?

As I sit back, kiss the ground and remind myself…..

I do.

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