The Ring

“Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you’re not alone”–Glitter in the Air by Pink

I didn’t know this consciously, but I’ve been waiting a long time. I’ve been waiting for THAT ring. The ring to say I was whole. It wasn’t an engagement ring because I’ve had one of those.

That one just stared at me and screamed “THIS IS NOT RIGHT.”

For 30 something years: Society, TV, Magazines, Music, and my parents reminded me every day, ONLY when you have that perfect round ring on your finger will you be whole and worthy.

And I listened. I listened and ate it all up and stored it right in my little heart.

I’ve searched and searched for that man to give me that ring to make me whole. He hadn’t shown up yet and rightfully so because I haven’t been whole.

A friend of mine recently suggested I buy myself a “love token” — > a token to remind myself of the love that I seek and deserve. Unknowingly I bought a simple round ring.

We did a ritual together– I committed to always follow my heart and my truth and she would be my accountability. (I’ve had issues with following everyone else’s truth). Then I placed that ring on my finger.

At first it didn’t hit me as to what the ring meant to me on a grand level. Then it all made sense.

I was WHOLE.

I gave myself what I had been waiting on a man to give me . A ring to remind me of the whole loving human that I am and to share that love that is contained within no matter what.

So now I ask you.

What are you subconsciously waiting on someone else to give you? What power leaving outside of you?

What can you give yourself?

There is no better person than YOU to give you what you’ve been waiting for.

Why not now?

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