The first three months of this year have been jam-packed with exciting news and developments. The Payger team started the year of 2019 full of energy to tackle any challenges facing us ahead during the crypto bear market. We attended Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore, Merchant Payment Ecosystem (MPE) and E-commerce Berlin Expo in Berlin, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the Internet World Expo in Munich. We have been working hard on updating our token design and are planning to release the details in the second quarter of 2019. …

Here is why stablecoins are the next big thing in crypto

While the demand for crypto payments is growing year by year, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dash are volatile and have become more and more speculative assets for most crypto users. Therefore, most cryptos are not suitable for payments on a day to day basis, since users will not want to take the risk to give away Bitcoins today when — in a few weeks — their value could double.

That is why we at Payger predict that in the future consumers will pay with stablecoins instead, which are designed to minimize the effects of price volatility by being pegged to…

We explain how to use the Payger Woocommerce Plugin Tutorial in our blog. Read more here!

The development of Payger continues with giant strides. The development team is reporting significant advances in design, usability, and functionality. You can find out which things are new in the Payger blog here.

It still remains difficult to make payments using crypto currencies in retail. There does appear to be a practical solution, called crypto credit cards, who use Bitcoin and other currencies to make purchases virtually everywhere. Read more why we think that crypto credit cards still have more disadvantages than advantages here.

Payger Newsletter October 2018 By Payger Official Blog This month we’re very proud to announce that we have released the first version of our Payger

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Originally published at on October 16, 2018.

Security constitutes the basis for success, trust, and customer satisfaction. With the continuous growth of online shopping and instances of online fraud in mobile commerce, the need for reliable standards and processes that minimize the risks for both sides, is increasing among retailers and customers. Since we are entering now the age of cryptocurrency commerce, the question of data protection is now omnipresent. Nobody wants to lose his digital currencies because they were hacked through a key logger in a malicious app or by simply forgetting their account passwords. Find out more in our blog how Payger manages security and user privacy.

Originally published at on September 18, 2018.

The global economic system is incredibly complex: millions of ships, airplanes and trucks distribute goods around the world, changing the owner in doing so. The most astounding thing about it? The bulk of this complex system is still based on old-fashioned accounting, in most cases paper-based. The Blockchain has what it takes to change that. There is only one big problem.

Everybody’s talking about Bitcoin. Long familiar only to true computer nerds, the digital currency is moving into the spotlight because of its dizzying increase in market price as well as its extreme price volatility. There are, however, many interesting cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that can be used as a medium of payment or as an investment.

As the popularity of Bitcoin rises, more and more problems have arisen. For example, the large network makes it difficult to perform software updates needed for the blockchain. As a result, a typical Bitcoin transaction takes longer than an hour to complete and costs more…

Trusted Partner for the trade with digital currencies — Payger combines market expertise, security, and usability in a single application.

If you want to convince yourself of the clarity and ease of use of the Payger Wallet, you can test the payment features exclusively in the alpha version. The alpha test phase started on 21.05.2018. Everyone who wants to keep up with the changing times and are interested in the new features of Payger can register at the following link: Registration

Digital currencies are trending

Digital currencies on the Internet are booming: In order to facilitate mobile payments with Bitcoin, Dash and Co. in…


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