Pay it forward lit (literature) is the brain spark of many years of avid reading and story telling. This week, I gave away a book that “changed my life”. Other bibliophiles will know that while many books catch our attention, the ones that change our perspective hold, perhaps, the highest place in our hearts.

Some of these books for me are especially important because they weren’t books that I chose, but they were chosen for me by people that know me and in their own experience of the literature, saw a version of me and an opportunity to communicate and connect with me. I gave away a book today and in the back cover I included the link to this blog, my full name and an inscription, urging others to “pay it forward” by passing this book on to someone else that they think may enjoy it, instead of discarding it after reading. I hope you all enjoy the piece of me I’m sending into the universe, and I hope the subsequent owners of the books that I send out will find their way here and stop to connect.

I hope my action will encourage a love for reading in others and connect me to people I would have never met otherwise (an unlikely book club), but mostly I hope it reminds others to always pay it forward… not just in our literature but in our actions, in our art, and in our influence. Let our journey begin!

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there” Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”

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