PaymentX offers unique functionality to help workers and companies struggling with the new business reality to invoice and process payments effectively.

Adapting to COVID-19

After two months of work, there are some great improvements, including Ethereum support and Trezor integration.

Crypto has significant benefits over the legacy banking system, especially when it comes to working across borders. It’s not always easy to integrate those payments into businesses and HR processes. There are many factors to consider when paying and getting paid in crypto, but services like PaymentX make it much easier and safer.

Draft invoices, timeout notifications, default crypto addresses and wallet password restore functionality

📝 Draft invoices

Payments to any wallet address, the ability to set a default payment currency, email requests for payments, multiple attachment upload and additional information for invoices.

Receive payments to any wallet

With the beta launch of PaymentX, you can process your crypto payroll and other invoices in just a few clicks.


Manage your cryptocurrency payroll seamlessly

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