HIVE! Important information!

As you probably already know, Hive is our fast and secure blockchain, DAG-based and created on Rust. The Proof of Me verification algorithm allows users to confirm one another’s transactions independently and they are therefore exempt from commissions, miners and the danger of a 51% attack.

Hive is almost ready, and we conducted open alpha-testing for Windows on 10th of July. In case you haven’t get to test our blockchain yet, it is still availabe — all you need is to follow the instruction below:

  1. Download and install JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
    Click accept and then download `Windows x86 Offline` version.
  2. Download latest release of Paymon Wallet: 
    You can also join our Slack testers chat, whether you are going to test Hive or not — you may find answers to some of your technical questions there: . Test coins are also available on Slack.

We will wait for your comments in our chat! Stay tuned :)

Regards, Paymon team.