Hello friends, long time no see! We hope you were waiting for the news from us, because we’ve got some.

As usual, here is some technical information for those, who are interested — so, that’s what we have done for the last week:

For Web

- Implemented ETH transaction, adapted the ETH kernel to the web (now it works much faster!);

- Added BTC and ETH graphics to the Money section on — now you can see the price and rates;

Also, as you already know, the last week we released alpha-version of Hive (Paymon wallet and PaymonCoin), followed with instructions, which is available on our site Luckily for all of us, the testing went smooth with few amount of bugs. You can still join our Slack testers chat and contribute to the project, as well as find answers to your possible questions about Hive:

For Android

- We have completely redesigned KeyGuard (application graphical key);

- The app settings are now in their final form;

- Fixed some bugs, occurring while working with groups;

- Added validator and formatter for mobile phones;

- Customized the user profile.

For iOS
- Added a parser of cryptocurrency rates — now they are displayed in the table (ETH and BTC);

- Cryptocurrency charts of ETH and BTC are now displayed as well.

What is next?

  • will be available in the near future
  • Profit beta-version release is coming soon as well
  • New version of the official site is almost ready
  • And we are going to announce a new partnership soon!

Hope you are happy with our progress! Leave your comments, join our Telegram chat — as always, your feedback is very important and desirable for us.

Stay tuned!

Best, Paymon team.