Hello again! It’s Paymon team and we’re here to tell you about our progress over the last week!

After the Paymon Web beta version has been released, we have iOS and Android waiting in line— that’s why we pay most of our attention to them now.


  • Worked on the caching implementation — we extended caching and told about it the last report;
  • Made a new design inside chats;
  • Fixed the list of messages inside the chat rooms.


  • Added processing for push notifications from the server;
  • Fixed groups’ functional due to changes on the server;
  • Fixed authorization and saving of user settings ;
  • Devided chats in categories: Groups/Dialogues/All;
  • Connected DeepLink for notifications: now you open the chat immediately as you tap the notification.


  • Fixed the bug when token transactions could not be sent.

That’s all for now. Wait for the next release in early November. Meanwhile, we are preparing an interesting interview for you, so stay in touch!

Have a good week! 
Paymon Team.