Hello, friends! We are a little late with the news this week — no offense, we were just working hard on Paymon app.

This time we’ve put all our efforts into developing Paymon on iOS and Android. You don’t have to worry about smart contracts either: we continue to develop them and plan to finish by the end of December.


  • Connected FCM-service, so that you could receive notifications even if the app is turned off;
  • Added load of a range of messages;
  • Fixed some logout bugs.


  • Improved caching of messages, groups, and users;
  • Fixed some bugs.

There is not much time left before iOS release!

What else?

The most attentive of you might have noticed that Paymon now consults project on technical part and marketing ( is an investment Fund designed to open access to earnings on investments for a wide range of people). We cooperate only with projects we believe in!

It will not affect our work on Paymon or the timing of the upcoming releases.

See you early next week!

Have a nice weekend,
Paymon Team.