We haven’t posted weekly reports for a while, but now we have something to share with you!

We continue to actively develop the iOS-version of Paymon app (which will be completed by the end of this month), as well as improving the Android (which was released on November 14). We recommend to pay attention to the updates to all Android owners!


The following Ethereum-wallet features are now ready:
- Creating and deleting a wallet;
- Backup and recovery of json. file;
- Transaction list with a filter (received/sent/all);
- Public key and a QRCode display. The ability to share a public key;
Currently we are working on ETH sending implementation.

Also, at the moment there is a PMNT-wallet implementation with the same functionality.


  • We fixed the bug with the messages sorting in a chat;
  • Fixed the bug with sorting a list of chats;
  • Optimized the functions of parsing the currency exchange rate.


  • Added FAQ in the wallet section;
  • Quick transactions in your profile;
  • Ability to add a public key in the profile to send PMNT, BTC and ETH;
  • Fixed minor bugs in the server work and bugs with some windows failing.

As you can see, we continue to work actively. Wait for the iOS release at the end of the month, and Hive beta — at the end of December.

Paymon team wishes you a great week!