Cash flow is the most important survival skill for a small/medium sized business. Automate it !

The truth is businesses all over the world are automating most of the repetitive activities they do

According to a US bank study 82% of businesses die not because of lack of profits but cashflows!

Rules to live by

  • Profits are an accounting entry and doesn’t mean much if your cash flows are in bad shape
  • Cashflow isnt intutive . Watch your numbers especially DSO
  • B2B sales sucks up cash .Thanks to sales on credit
  • Growth sucks up cash. More Growth =More people = More inventories = More things to spend on
  • More inventories = More cash tied up !
  • Profits are good but Working capital keeps you afloat
  • Receivables needs to be tracked , Automated !

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Originally published at PayorCRM.