We are proud to share that we are building our country’s ‘Next Generation Credit Cards’ designed to democratise the access to a formal credit system for the masses. By enabling ‘new to credit’ users to join the digital economy, we are aiming to transform the credit market.

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We are designing an innovative digital experience on our app allowing users to manage their overall spends and have full control over the card usage. We will be partnering with various card issuers to introduce co-branded cards and are aiming to issue two million cards in the next 12–18 months.

With this service, we aim to give complete control to cardholders to manage their transactions in real-time. It will be equipped with instant one-touch services such as change of the security pin number, updating the address, blocking the card in case of loss or fraud prevention, issuance of a duplicate card and viewing outstanding credit-limit. It will also have options to safeguard users against fraud by switching off the card for contactless payments or international transactions when not required. Our credit card will provide insurance protection against fraudulent transactions to protect users’ money. …

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As more customers take the online route for buying things of daily needs, payment gateways have emerged as a necessity for merchants to guarantee customer satisfaction. Simply put, a payment gateway acts as a middleman between the customer and the merchant. It authorizes and handles payments made for goods and services by the customer, and then pays it forward to the merchants.

What is a Payment Gateway Settlement?

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If you’re a small business owner, you will agree that timely payments are necessary for your operations to run smoothly and seamlessly. Delayed payments can lead to negative effects like inability to pay salaries, hire workers, and invest in the necessary infrastructure, as well as unnecessary cuts to marketing and promotional budgets. However, these issues are a thing of the past now. There’s a quick and easy way to let your clients be prompt with their payments, which is to introduce them to payment links.

What are Payment Links?
To put it simply, Payment Links are URLs via which a merchant requests an online payment. These URLs are shared with customers who can make an instant online payment. This is a fast, hassle-free system that reduces any lag, thus making the entire experience effortless and easy. …

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