The Wealth of Perspective

I’ve been wanting to get this out here for some time, I just didn’t know where to place the content. I’ve learned that blowing something out of proportion, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, can be deadly. Too many times in life something has happened that seemed amazing, and it turned out to work against me, and too many times the opposite has happened.

I’ve noticed that this hurts because when the highs aren’t as high as expected, it’s depressing, and when the lows are higher than expected, it limits your potential to exploit that opportunity of its highest potential because you weren’t prepared to embrace it fully. Why embrace something that has low potential?

Looking back, I’ve seen how this has crushed many opportunities in my life!

In my last post I wrote about being present and being in the now. In this post I wanted to talk about my perspective on perspective 😉

Basically we’ve all been wrapped up in seeing something on tv or reading it on social about celebrities or athletes with millions living an amazing life. We’ve continued to then allow that to set the tone for what we believe is real. We hear about companies producing billions of dollars and we look at our 9–5 paycheck and assume that there’s somehow some type of comparison to how we live our lives and how they live theirs, and ultimately become depressed. And regardless of the process, patience, and time the athlete, owner, and celebrity may have put into perfecting their craft, we just assume that we’ll never be able to achieve THAT level of success.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are born into it

But that ties into exactly what I’m saying here: born into or not, there’s always something authentic that’s needed in order for that person to feel accomplished. The guy who’s mommy and daddy owns a deca-million dollar company that he works for and makes a decent living off of, may boast and pretend to be happy, but internally he’s not. He doesn’t feel accomplished or satisfied. He just feels entitled.

And the guy who doesn’t have the million dollar position, just feels subpar.

So how do we change our perspective on all of this?

To me, it’s simple. Look at what’s in front of you and stop. Turn around, and look where you’ve been. Too many times we just push ourselves into thinking that if we don’t have it now, we’re irrelevant.

Process and patience negates that feeling.

See, when you’re patient and love the process, you don’t care about the millionaire who’s daddy gave him a job. You don’t care about Kim K. All you care about is continuing down this road that YOU’VE created. One that you’ve developed. And the one that YOU own. Don’t let others determine your reality. Why?

“Because patience is practical” Gary Vaynerchuk

Take the time to be proud of your progress, and to allow yourself to see why you are where you are. This is the only story that’ll ever be truly yours.

Matt Palazzolo

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