After I turned around and saw where that huge hand came from, I literally froze up. Like, I could’ve sworn I forgot how to breath. In front of me stood a huge fellow and when I say huge I mean like a beast, he must’ve been like six foot five (or two meters) at least. Not to mention that he was built and buff. The sun completely vanished behind him, making me stand in his entire shadow. As he saw me stare at like I just lost my tongue he said: “Are you bothering this lady?”, he spat out. With all my might, I tried to ‘man up’ and reply to the guy’s answer. Before I could reply, the lady who I bumped into beat me to it: “Yes, he is. He has no respect either”. I turned my head to the woman I bumped into earlier, who just betrayed me in front of this super human-sized person
 “No no no, I bumped into her by accident and-” at that moment, after I got those words out of my mouth, I felt his grip on my shoulder intensify. I tried to get his hand off my shoulder and jumped back so I would get outside of his reach. The woman gave me the ice-cold stare again, only this time I did the same back. I mean, she was the one who made his grip tighter on my shoulder. 
 “Please excuse his behavior, ma’am. He didn’t do it on purpose”, said the guy to the lady. The lady said no word and just walked past me. As surprised as I was, the guy’s serious face transformed into a friendly face which still was intimidating a bit, because his size. “My name is Jordy”, he said. His giant hand stretched towards me again, but only this time it was an attempt to shake my hand. I came back into his reach and shook his hand: “I’m Patrick”, I said. After that is how we chit-chatted like old high school friends who ran into each other after years of no communicating. No frozen stance, no fear of him possibly beating me up, he immediately became the friendly big guy who wouldn’t harm a fly.
 After some time of talking he said that he had to run, since he probably had his dad waiting. We greeted each other in the form of a fist pound and after then, our ways parted. 
 I went on to explore Texel, which I got sick of within 20 minutes, ironically. Sure, it all was new and different from what I’m used to in Amsterdam, that’s about it. I decided to go into every shop that seemed interesting to kill some time. 
 Eventually it was late in the afternoon, so I decided to go back to the hotel. Nothing new that I’ve seen that day, I have already scanned through it. Great…
 At that point, I met up with my brother back in the hotel room, totally collapsed on his bed, with his eyes closed. “I’m dead”, he said. He was referring to his current condition of being tired. As careless as I was, I didn’t bother to ask what he did to get that tired or how long he had been present on his bed. I just nodded and went to the shower to refresh myself. 
 “21:56”, said my watch after I looked upon my wrist. As there was nothing else to do and therefore no other reason to stay up, I went to bed early and fell asleep eventually.
 “So what did you do next day Pat? I mean, you’ve already seen every corner of Texel’s square. What’s up next?” Well, good question. Basically, out of the seven days, the first two were the most exciting. After that nothing exciting or something like that happened, sadly. Did I eventually go outside of the imaginary ten-minute radius? I did, but it didn’t turn out to be as special as I thought it would be. So yeah, I got bored quick. It appears to boredom will follow me everywhere I go. Do you see how unlucky I became? Oh well, I’ve chosen to just live with it anyway.
 It felt good to be back in my home city Amsterdam. In the late afternoon, as the weather was warm and welcoming, I decided to stay home any. And yet again, I jumped up with the last bit of energy in me. As high as I was as if I could touch the ceiling, I just let myself fall only to let my bed break my fall once more.