How to Attract New Clients through Speaking and Writing

Attract New Clients Through Speaking and Writing

Attract New Clients Through Speaking and Writing

How to Attract New Clients through Speaking and Writing

Imagine if you could attract new clients to your business? What would that mean to you? Getting more prospects to buy from you and become your clients is one of the best ways to grow your business. You know how it works. When more people buy from you, depending on your margins, you make more bottom line profits. Carefully look at what you are doing currently to attract new clients to your business. Are you doing what everyone else is doing in your niche? How are your results? Have you become a commodity? Perhaps it is time to do something different, if you want better results. Attracting new clients through speaking and writing can separate you from the masses in your niche. In this episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series we discuss 3 strategies that you can implement today to attract new clients. This episode highlights how you can attract new clients through speaking and writing on platforms that you control.

(1) The Power of the Podcast

One of the best ways to position yourself as an authority and attract new clients is to start your own podcast. Your podcast becomes your platform. As Michael Hyatt says in his seminal book, Platform-Get Noticed in a Noisy World, you need a platform (1) to attract an audience in a noisy world; and (2) to build a passionate loyalty with that audience. Your podcast allows you to give value before you receive anything from a potential client. Your podcast is your platform, not for you being the center of attention. Instead it is about sharing something of value and getting that message out to the world in a very powerful way.

According to a recent report by Edison Research, podcasts continue to grow. There has been a 75% increase in listeners since 2013. Podcasting is a smart way to connect with potential clients. It creates possibilities to reach new audiences. By speaking on a platform that you control, you can create an atmosphere of trust between you and your potential clients. Building trust is key. Remember that most people will not buy from you, until they know, like, and trust you.

For more in-depth information on starting your own impactful podcast look at the following resources: Podcasting Power; How to Easily Start Your Own Awesome Podcast; How to Avoid Making an Amateur Podcasting Mistake.

(2) The Power of the Free Teleseminar/webinar

Like podcasts, a webinar/teleseminar provides a powerful link between you and potential clients. The promise of in-depth training will attract those interested in the topic. The free webinar/teleconference provides you with an opportunity to provide great service. This is another powerful way to develop a relationship with your clients. Dexter and I use this strategy to attract new clients during our live weekly teleseminar series. Our live weekly teleseminar series, along with podcasts and our blog help keep our clients as long-term consumers of the products, services, and experiences that we offer.

For more in-depth information on the value of using speaking and writing to attract new clients, see: Write, Speak, Broadcast: 3 Strategies for Success in 2017.

(3) The Power of the Blog

Starting a blog to consistently provide high quality information that is relevant to your target client is another way to attract new clients. A blog is a fabulous platform to showcase your expertise. Writing in-depth, 500–800 word, blog posts allows you to engage with your clients and offer your expertise in a non-threatening manner to potential clients. WordPress has become standard for establishing blogs. It is easy to set up and use. Here is a link to a recent post on setting up a blog that is a platform that you own and control. Once you blog created, then you must work to create an authority site. By authority site, I mean a place where you showcase your expertise and build a following for your ideas. Attract new clients to your blog with irresistible, relevant, and engaging content. For more in-depth information on the power of the blog, look at the following resources: How to Quickly Start an Awesome Blog; A Behind the Scenes Look at Blogging Made Easy; 12 Sources for Great Blog Content Ideas.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Learning to attract new clients through speaking and writing gives you opportunities to expand and grow your business in ways you never thought possible. Creating and building your own platforms using speaking and writing will get you noticed in ways that you never imagined. As you emerge as the authority and thought leader in your niche you become a magnet to your target clients.


1. The power of the podcast

2. The power of the free teleseminar/webinar

3. The power of the blog

These 3 strategies will attract new clients through speaking and writing. Then watch as your bottom line profits improve.

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Pamela Montgomery, Online Marketing Strategist

Pamela Montgomery, Online Marketing Strategist

I am Pamela Montgomery, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and speaker, helping you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!

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