How to Easily Create Excellent Information Products

How to Easily Create Excellent information Products

How to Easily Create Excellent Information Products

How to Easily Create Excellent Information Products

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit.”


Imagine having a process that helps you easily create excellent information products. Creating information products from scratch can seem daunting. When I first began creating information products, it took much too long. But when I broke it down into a 3-step process, it suddenly became a lot easier. This 3-step process is now a habit that allows me to easily create excellent information products. You can do the same thing.

Step 1: Conduct Research

There are a few things you need to research before you even write the first word. Expand your search beyond the internet. Check out books from the library and consult industry experts. Do as much research as possible to make sure you create an excellent product.

· The Market — Most specifically, what are the gaps in the market? What questions are people asking that have not been adequately answered? What are “hot” trends right now in the market that people are focused on?

· Other Products — What questions are already answered? What prices are they charging? What kind of media are they using? What are the main selling points your competitors are using?

· The topic — This is by far the lengthiest and most important part. Do in-depth research on your subject to supplement what you already know. Look for little-known yet useful information.

Step 2: Write an Outline and First Draft

Start by outlining all the things you will cover in your information product. If after outlining it you think that something is missing, do more research to fill in the blanks.

Once you have a solid outline, then start writing. Write as quickly as possible, with little attention to spelling or grammatical errors. The goal is to just write the first draft as quickly as possible.

After you have the first draft finished, then set the draft down and take a break. Leave it aside for a day or two. Work on something completely unrelated to creating your information product.

Step 3: Edit, Review, and Finalize

Look back on your first draft with a critical eye. Look at your work ruthlessly and cut out anything that is not necessary. Add in details that you may have missed the first time. See it from the viewpoint of your customers. Then ask yourself what this person needs to really get the answers they are looking for.

Keep refining your information product until you feel that you have an excellent product you can publish. At that point, give it to a friend or colleague to look over. Take their feedback and make any last-minute improvements.


You can easily create excellent information products by following this 3-step process. Creating an information product can seem like an endless task when you are sitting there staring at a blank page. But once you break it down into research, outline, draft, edit, review and finalize, the process becomes much easier. With some practice, it will quickly become second nature!

Remember to:

· Conduct Research

· Write an Outline and First Draft

· Edit, Review and Finalize

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