How to Keep a Journal that Will Help You Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose

How to Keep a Journal that Will Help You Discover Your Purpose

Discover your purpose! If it were only so easy. We would all be blissfully happy in our careers and our lives. Instead many of us struggle with the choices that we have made and are searching for other options. One strategy to help you discover your purpose is to engage in writing in a journal. This article will show you exactly how to keep a journal that will help you discover your purpose.

The 30-Day Journal Challenge

Step 1: Keep a Daily Journal

Perhaps you already keep a journal. But, if you do not, I want you to start writing in a journal. Your challenge for the next 30 days is to keep a daily, purposeful journal. Here is how that works.

First, set aside time each day for writing in your journal. This can be first thing in the morning, last thing before you go to bed, or even right after lunch. It does not matter what time you set aside for writing in your journal. What is important, is that you make an unbreakable appointment with yourself. You must commit to doing the work — even when it feels hard or uncomfortable.

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Step 2: Answer Specific Questions in Your Daily Journal

The next step in the 30-day journal challenge is try answering specific questions each day. This practice contrasts with the usual practice of merely writing random thoughts. This type of journaling helps you maintain focus. Answering specific questions will also allow you to look back later and know exactly what works. You will also be able to tell exactly where you might want to focus your energy.

Here are a few suggested questions to include during the challenge:

1. What was the best thing that happened to me today?

2. How did I make someone else’s day better?

3. How could today have been better?

4. What is the one big thing I want to get done today?

5. What is one thing I did today just for me?

6. Who made me smile today?

7. What has been my biggest achievement this week?

8. Fast forward to next year. What has changed about your life or your business?

You do not have to answer each question every day. There may be other questions that you would like to add to the list. Have fun. Use your journal as a source of inspiration, reflection, and creativity. Spend some time looking forward to what you hope to achieve. Also, take time looking backwards at how much you have already achieved.

Review your journal periodically. Taking note of recurring themes in your journal is a powerful way to discover your true purpose.

Step 3: Add a Few Words of Gratitude to Your Journal

As you grow accustomed to using your dedicated time to answer these questions in your journal, try adding a few words of gratitude. Every day, you are surrounded with reasons to be grateful. For example, I am grateful to have a roof over my head and food to eat. I do not take such things for granted. Some people are not as fortunate as I am.

Be sure to note both the small and large things for which you are grateful. Reminding yourself of all these things will help keep your attitude positive. When you are in a positive frame of mind, you are more open to discovering your life’s passions.

Read the following article to find additional strategies to finding your highest best purpose for your life!

Conclusion/Call to Action

Discovering your purpose in life can be a daunting task. But I have discovered that keeping a daily journal is a fabulous way to discover my purpose. Remember to follow these 3 steps as you take “The 30-day Journal Challenge,”

1. Keep a daily journal

2. Answer specific questions in your daily journal

3. Add a few words of gratitude

Remember that your journal is for your eyes only. You will be more likely to use it if it is as colorful and unique as you are.

Leave us a comment to let us know that you will join us in “The 30-day Journal Challenge.”

I am Pamela Montgomery, the attorney, author, and entrepreneur who helps you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!

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