How to Quickly Achieve Determination and Drive to Succeed

Determination and Drive to Succeed

Determination and Drive to Succeed

The Entrepreneur’s Determination and Drive to Succeed

This episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series is “The Entrepreneur’s Determination and Drive to Succeed.” Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs achieve spectacular success and others fail? The answer lies in their determination to succeed. Find out why determination is such an important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. Also, learn how you can quickly cultivate the entrepreneur’s determination and drive to succeed in your business and in your life. Dexter and I have achieved success in several aspects of our lives from careers, businesses, and marriage. In this episode, we discuss three key strategies that we use that you can adopt to quickly achieve determination and drive to succeed.

What is Determination?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines determination as “firmness of purpose; resolve.” As an entrepreneur, your determination is daily tested in each challenge that you face. For example, when a potential client fails to show up for a scheduled meeting or you miss an important deadline, you may want to give up. You begin to wonder why you started the business. It is the strength of your purpose for your business that keeps you from giving up. Your resolve not to fail keeps you going when everyone and everything says that you will fail.

What is Your Purpose?

Your determination can wither without a big enough reason to continue. Your purpose must go beyond the desire for making money. Do you remember the vision and desire that fueled your dream for your business? Was it the desire to serve certain clients? Was it a dream of sharing a topic or process with the world? Did you want to leave a legacy of success for family? When your determination starts to falter, you will need to remember your purpose. Your purpose will give you the courage, strength, and resolve to continue.

Do You Learn from Your Mistakes?

Your determination will wither if you do not learn from your mistakes. A successful entrepreneur does not quit when situations do not go exactly as planned. The determined entrepreneur will figure out what went wrong. Then she will adjust and adapt to the situation. Your ability to think, be flexible, and resilient will serve you over time. You cannot let your mistakes cause you to be psychologically devastated. The determined entrepreneur learns from her mistakes and keeps going. Her success is right around the corner.

Do You Focus on Strategic Actions?

Your determination will wither if you stay busy working in your business, but see no results. A successful entrepreneur will dig deep within herself and focus on what is most important to achieve success. The determined entrepreneur will figure out the tasks and activities that can be delegated to her team. Then she will act on the specific tasks that are strategic for her success. She will keep moving ahead. The determined entrepreneur understands the importance of taking one little step on a key priority. Then another step and another step to gain momentum. The successful entrepreneur understands the need to cultivate those habits of determination that will serve her well now and in the future.

Conclusion/Call to Action

The entrepreneur’s determination and drive to succeed makes the difference between success and failure. By following the three strategies discussed in this episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series you can quickly achieve the business success and lifestyle of your dreams. Remember to practice the following strategic habits:

  1. Remember Your Purpose
  2. Learn from Your Mistakes
  3. Focus on Strategic Actions

Armed with these strategic habits you can sharpen your inner resolve and quickly achieve the entrepreneur’s determination and drive to succeed.

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I am Pamela Montgomery, attorney, author, entrepreneur, and speaker, helping you create the life of your dreams as you achieve uncommon results in your business and in your life!

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