How to Quickly Create an Action Plan for Your Awesome Blog

Quickly Create an Action Plan for Your Awesome Blog

Quickly Create an Action Plan for Your Awesome Blog

Quickly Create an Action Plan for Your Awesome Blog

A few months ago I wrote “How to Quickly Start an Awesome Blog.” I received great response from the article! However, a few people told me that they did not act on the advice that I offered. As a follow up to that earlier article, today I am sharing a few elements of The Action Plan for Blogging™. By following this plan, you can quickly create an action plan for your awesome blog.

I understand your frustration in not being as successful as you had hoped to be blogging. It took me a few months to get accustomed to the demands of blogging. Like me, you may be distracted by household chores, issues at your 9–5 job, or catching up with the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

However, if you want to be a successful blogger, then you must quickly create an action plan for your awesome blog. Otherwise, time will slip away and you will have nothing to show for it. You might give up your dream of having a successful blog. I encourage you to read this blog post by my mentor, Connie Ragen Green, for encouragement and understanding of the importance of “Blogging for Your Business.”

If you want to achieve the success that you desire, then act now to quickly create an action plan for your awesome blog.

1. Use a Calendar to Schedule Time for Creating Blogs

You need more than a plan for when you will post and market. You also need a plan to determine when you can fit in this time to create the content. I am most successful when I use a calendar to schedule appointments with myself for work. This is time that I dedicate to writing and planning the next blogs and other products that I create.

2. Hire Team Members to Help Create Blogs

Hire someone and outsource to a virtual assistant or a writer if you are pressed for time. Content is the cornerstone of your blog. If you are not putting out content in a consistent way, then you cannot expect to reach your ideal audience. Make it a priority to create content yourself. Otherwise, hire team members to help create blog content.

3. Use Private-Label Rights Material

You may want to use PLR (private label rights) material that you or your assistant has edited. I find the materials offered by Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold at Coach Glue to be excellent. You can edit or add to this material to make it sound more like you.

When you follow the link for Coach Glue, you will receive a free New Client Kit, to help you get started in your business. You can also check out the other helpful PLR products that Coach Glue offers.

What is most important is that the content gets created. It does not matter if it is from you or from someone you hire on your team. Either way, creating an action plan and filling in timeframes where you can either create the content yourself or task it out to your team members is going to be the defining point for the success of your blog.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Now that I have shared few elements from The Action Plan for Blogging™ it is time for you to quickly create an action plan for your awesome blog. Ideas are wonderful to have, but unless you organize them, they often get put on the back burner. Sometimes your wonderful ideas do not end up as successful results. However, if you have an action plan and factor in the time needed to complete and achieve your goals, then your ideas turn into actions, and your actions will turn into extraordinary results.

Remember that it is vitally important to quickly create an action plan for your awesome blog. As the blog owner, you are responsible for creating and publishing valuable content for your audience. To make sure that your great ideas are not put on the back burner, quickly create an action for your blog. Your plan should at a minimum include:

(1) Scheduling specific dates and times for writing;

(2) Adding team members to create blogs, if you do not have time;

(3) Using Private-label Rights material

Remember, do not give up your dream! You can rely on me, Pamela Montgomery, to encourage you and to be an advocate for you achieving uncommon results in your business and in your life.

Pamela Montgomery

Pamela Montgomery

Originally published at My Biz Dream Team.

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