How to Quickly Start Blogging Today

Quickly Start Blogging Today

Quickly Start Blogging Today

How to Quickly Start Blogging Today

Do you want to quickly start blogging today about your fantastic solution to solve that pressing problem for your target audience? Yes, I understand your enthusiasm. I felt the same way.

You have a million ideas that you want to share with the world. But, you wonder, “How do I get started.”

If that is your question, then this post is for you!

Today’s blog post, is about channeling all that energy and enthusiasm into The Quick Start Blogging Process™ that allows you to quickly start blogging today.

Step 1 Decide on the format of your blog

Will you use audio, video, or writing to produce your blog? Most bloggers use a written format. However, that does not mean that you must follow the lead of other bloggers.

Several points favor written blogs. First written blogs are familiar and popular.

Second, a written blog is best for search engine optimization.

Third, a written blog is great for an audience who wants to read content.

Some bloggers combine formats on their blog. When you combine different formats, you can reach a broader audience who likes to receive information in a variety of ways.

Do not spend too much time on this issue. Pick one format. You can add another format later.

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Step 2 Develop an Action Plan

If you want to quickly start blogging today, you must immediately write down when you plan to create the blog content. Do not keep this schedule in your head. It is imperative that you write it down. Otherwise, it is not a plan!

Creating content for your blog is the key to long-term blogging success.

If you are still working a job, you must carve out time for content creation. Otherwise, the idea to quickly start blogging today remains a dream.

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Step 3 Get a Quick Understanding of SEO

This blog post is not about teaching you SEO (search engine optimization. However, you do need to understand a few concepts before you can quickly start blogging today.

Understanding these three concepts will save you from spending money on advertising.

You need a quick understanding of: categories, keywords, and tags.

1. Categories on your blog, are like the table of contents in a book. These are the broad topics that you will cover.
 2. Keywords are specific words that use in your blog to position your content high in the search rankings.
 3. Tags are used like an index that you find in the back of a book. A tag is usually a narrow topic.

You can always add more categories, keywords, and tags later. It is important that you quickly start blogging today.

Do not spend too much time planning, start blogging today!

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Conclusion/Call to Action

If you want to quickly start blogging today, then you need to follow The Quick Start Blogging Process™.

1. Decide on the format of your blog
 2. Develop an Action Plan
 3. Get a Quick Understanding of SEO

As you begin to blog, you will strive to develop a unique point of view that separates you from the rest!

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Pamela Montgomery

Pamela Montgomery

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