How to Select and Invite Great Podcast Guests

How to Select and Invite Great Podcast Guests

How to Select and Invite Great Podcast Guests

How to Select and Invite Great Podcast Guests

Are you seriously interested in starting a podcast in 2018? If so, you need to know how to select and invite great podcast guests. Listen to the latest episode of My Biz Dream Team: Opportunity Wednesday Training Series, as we share our strategies for selecting and inviting great podcast guests. We have been podcasting for more than a year, and have learned a few strategies that we want to share with you. Hopefully you can learn from our mistakes.

1. Conduct Research Before You Invite Guest

Sometimes you think a person would be a great guest, because they are well-known, knowledgeable, and would fit with your overall theme and focus of your podcast. You know exactly which podcast series would be a perfect fit for them. However, before inviting them, first find out about a few things. You want to know:

· What are they known for

· What is their latest project?

· Who is their audience?

· What can you give them, in terms of adding value?

· What is going on in their personal and/or professional lives that will make your invitation to them good or bad timing?

The timing of your invitation is critical.

2. Develop a Relationship with Intended Guest

Before you invite an intended guest, build a relationship with her by attending her webinars, going to her events, and following her on social media. You do not have to stalk them. However, you do need to let them know that you exist and are interested in what they offer. Another excellent way to establish a relationship with an intended guest is to comment on her blog post. Having a relationship with your intended guests makes it much easier to extend an invitation.

3. Think of Inviting People Outside of Your Niche

If you want a podcast that is interesting, entertaining, and informative do not invite the same guests as everyone else in your niche. There are many interesting people who could be an asset to your podcast. If your focus is primarily people who have online business, invite guests who may have an offline perspective.

Remember you are the person, who is driving the conversation. You can think of ways to make your guest interesting to your audience.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Learning how to select and invite great podcast guests is a key strategy for a successful podcast. Follow these three tips:

1. Conduct research before inviting an intended guest

2. Develop a relationship with an intended guest

3. Think about inviting people outside of your niche as podcast guests.

This is Part 3 of “Podcasting for Riches-How to Start a Successful Podcast.”

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