Repurpose Your Content: 3 Quick and Effective Strategies

Dexter and Pamela Montgomery

Dexter and Pamela Montgomery

Repurpose Your Content: 3 Quick and Effective Strategies

As a blogger, you do not need to stay in constant creation mode. Once you have a library of content, go through it, and start to repurpose your content. You can go back to interviews that you have done, podcasts that you have appeared on, emails and social media posts that you have sent, and then add the content to your blog.

1. Repurpose Your Content: Interviews

If you have ever appeared as a guest on a podcast, one way to start to repurpose your content, is take the script from that podcast and put it on your blog. You can also link the audio to the podcast to your blog.

Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose Your Content

2. Repurpose Your Content: Blog Posts

You can also revamp your old blog posts. If you have blog posts that can be improved or blogs that can be better defined for your target market, start there. You can revamp those old blog posts and rebirth them with a fresh voice.

I recently edited and revamped several older blog posts. Now they more clearly express my view point and answer questions asked by my readers.

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Developing Your Content Plan

3. Repurpose Your Content: Social Media and Emails

If you are post to social media and find yourself writing lengthy social media posts, then you can take those posts and use them as an excellent framework and foundation for a blog.

The same concept applies to your emails. If you are emailing your list, that content should be used again. Do not let it go to waste! Share that content with your broader audience.

You can turn those tips and strategies that you are giving as nuggets of wisdom to your list and use them as a foundation for a blog post for the public.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Take the time repurpose your content. Go through your content and evaluate what you have that you could possibly reuse in a variety of ways.

Maybe you even have content that you have written before, and now you can transform that content into short videos, or a workbook that would work better for your ideal client.

Click here to read an article by my mentor, Connie Ragen Green, on several ways to repurpose content and why it works so effectively: Repurpose Content: These Strategies Work

Leave us a comment to let us know how you plan to implement these three quick and effective strategies into your business plan.

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Pamela Montgomery

Pamela Montgomery

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