Good Old Friend,

As I stepped into the first leaf of 2018, here’s my message for you, 2017:

Yesterday, I asked my niece to pick one story from her storybook and I will read it for her, she said “Mama tita Pau, gusto ko yung kwento mo” I smiled. Right at that moment I don’t know if I can summarize my story without her getting bored. Then all I was able to say is my story about how good life is. I ended. “Ang saya pala ng buhay mo, mama, gusto ko din ganyan ako, gagayahin kita” I kissed her forehead and I told her “No, darling. Create your own story”.

2017, thank you for I was able to create my story. There has been a lot of ups and downs but you’re a blast! You showed me how life can be cruel and worthy at the same time. You have given me so much pain and even wanted to end my life, but then you gave me awesome people to help me overcome my emotions. I learned how to feel love instead of pain. You showed me how life is unfair and good. You gave me best of best friends who became my soul sisters and helped me become better, gave me a second family whom I can lean on whenever I need them, you created stronger bond for my family and that is love. You gave me the love of my life and thought me that love is not all about taking but also giving, wholeheartedly. You’ve let terrible situations happen and tore me down to make me realize I’m not strong enough on my own and that gave me stronger faith to carry on.

2017, I know behind you there’s someone greater who made everything possible. Thank you and I love you, Lord. I will never cease until the whole world knows that you live in me.

2017, Thank you and Good bye.

I may not be strong and wise enough to face everything but least I know I am ready.

Hello, 2018.