Hello World

This is my first post here on Medium.

My name is Anthony Branze,

I am currently in the process of the massive undertaking of changing careers. I am a formally trained chef, Who has been fascinated with technology since childhood, I built my first PC myself at the age of 12, with only my father to tell me if I was doing it right or wrong, by 15 I was writing my first “Hello World” programs while I was delivering pizza.

Fast forward 10 years and everything has come full circle, I have found an amazing resource called Code Oregon, that has empowered me to find the burning passion inside of me for knowledge, and Self-educating myself, come to find, that is exactly what I have been doing my entire life without directly knowing that. Now my wife and I are expecting our first daughter, Emberlie, literally any day now (Of this posting it is 11/6 her DueDate). With the news of our daughter, and me finding passion in working with web technologies, I have found a career to hone in on and transition into. I am however caught in the classic catch 22 of needing experience to get experience.

But with resources like TeamTreeHouse.Com, the amazing people who brought the Code Oregon project to fruition, and FreeCodeCamp.com (To shamelessly plug my two favorite E-learning Platforms.) I am not only positive, but certain, that there will come a day when I will be in the spotlight with a success story all my own. After all I have already come So far in just the 10 months that I have been participating in Code Oregon, It really feels like riding a bike, and all of the knowledge I once knew came flooding back while all of the new knowledge I was piking up I have been able to learn and run with and use.

With my motivation as my daughter, my unyielding desire to continuously challenge myself, to never become content, and to always remember where I started. I will empower myself with knowledge and my drive for success, ultimately will get me to my goal. This far in my life, I have never found a better motivator, to want to improve my life, and make such drastic changes just to be able to provide a life full of happiness, with all the resources that will give her the endless, limitless opportunities to become the strong independent successful woman trailblazing a name for herself in what ever journey she chooses to embark upon.

I now understand the desire to want my daughter to not only do better, but be better, and more successful than myself. All of that, HAS to start with me, With My actions, With the steps I take forward each and every day, with each hurdle overcome each day progress is made.

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