“New Year, New Me” —

A load of hogwash or not?

I’ve never understood the people who mock others for making New Year resolutions or taking time out to set new goals that they hope to achieve in the coming year.

If there’s one thing I’ve heard said a thousand times, it’s that the only constant thing, ironically, is change.

I personally think that the beginning of a new year is such a milestone. For one thing, if the scientists are correct, it marks the start of a new cycle of this big blue marble we call Earth, moving in its orbit around the Sun.

Due to the Earth’s axial tilt , the course of a year sees the passing of different seasons , marked by changes in weather conditions , the hours of daylight and all that jazz.

I like to think we can safely take the scientists’ word for it. I mean they were right when one of them invented the first television and another discovered electricity and yet another invented the first phone.

All that aside, earth and the way it works is something that humans might never be able to fully comprehend.

The passing of a year is actually this huge cosmic event that’s bigger than all of us and in my opinion, if you had to draw inspiration for personal growth from anything at all, there’s literally no better source than that.

Now, a calendar year is an approximation of the number of days of the Earth’s orbital period as counted in a given calendar.

That’s a whole 365/366 days that life came at with you everything it had, but you survived it by some miracle and moved on to the next day stronger. We can all testify to how much of a female dog life can be sometimes.

I think it’s a beautiful thing when a person can say that the Earth began a new cycle and that they in turn, entered a new cycle as well. A cycle that saw them consciously start to make effort to better themselves.

If a person thinks that attaching these sentiments to hanging a new calendar on the wall, is the thing that drives them to strive towards personal growth, I don’t see why anyone should knock them for trying.

If I said “2016 changed my life” and a person responded “well that’s what you said about 2015", that would be very ridiculous of them.

Is it so inconceivable that with every year that passes, I’m no longer the person that I used to be?

I feel like it’s a healthy human thing if my situation somehow turns around every year and that makes me want to effectively work harder to become a better version of myself.

Now, I’m no life coach and it goes without saying that you don’t have to wait for a new year to decide that you need to change to become better.

But the first day of a new year is most definitely as perfect a day as any to get up, dust your shorts and decide that you’ve had enough.

So as cliché as it might seem, yes — a thousand times yes — make New Year’s resolutions.

  • YES, set specific goals for yourself.
  • YES, set achievable, realistic goals for yourself.
  • YES, set time sensitive goals for yourself, if that kind of thing works for you.

A wise person once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I realise now that I’m not happy with where I’m at.

But, I also understand that if I want to rise, something has got to give.

So go forth earth child, you still have a couple of hours to go. Make your resolutions and for the next 365 days, try your hardest to stick to them.

Work on a new you. Not because the old you is bad, but because he/she might need a little more tweaking to be closer to perfect.

God bless you

My dreams won’t work unless I do.