Our People : Winter 2017

Artists & Entrepreneurs

Activists & Organizers

Malia Lazu

Founder & Executive Director of Epicenter Community. Mentee of Harry Belafonte & Walter Mosely whose honest & forthcoming outlook on race, culture, and economy calls you back to the classroom with every discussion.

Fashion & Fabric


Joelle Fointaine’s brilliant use of imaging and tailored sillettos creates wears for the bold, socially conscious, & everyday fashionistas


d. iRvin Photography

Stunning & Elegant with his lens. Daniel has a way with angles that brings out the inner artist in every subject.

Lauren Miller

Lauren has a raw ability to capture emotion in her photos to showcase our humaniy, both the ordinary and unique.

Jourdan Christopher

An artist who will never betray his heart. His most recently acclaimed works were featured in the Boston Globe as he continues to photograph and revive the ‘unacknowledged.’


Zeen Media

The behind the scenes genius who captures and highlights our history and most intimate moments

Image per d. iRvin Photography


DJ Red Dawn

Vibrant & playful in character & sampling everything from Future to 90s Rock. Rachel is a woman of both Providence & Boston with her sound.

DJ Inkognito

Tried, True, & Timeless. George will take you back and bring you into the future all in one night.

DJ Real P

A Master of the reality of sound - pointed in his creation of vibrations that both educate and bring people together.


Fresh Food Generation

The farm to plate food truck & catering service committed to access and affordability of healthy food for all Bostonians


Elise Fletcher: Breathing Beats

Yoga & Fitness Instructor: Cunning and Quick, Elise will walk you through mediation and lead you into a glute work out that will transform your mind and body.

Mike Masse

Yoga Teacher & Trainer: The realest Roxbury yogi that you will ever meet. Ex-semipro football player turned yogini and teacher that works to increase access to yoga in Boston’s low income neighborhoods.

Community Collaborators & Space Makers

Epicenter Community

A local nonprofit that works to create authentic relationships, experiences, and economic mobility, while causing peaceful disruption to draw attention and awareness to invisibe populations within city scapes

Haley House Bakery Cafe

A hidden Roxbury Meeting House that works to bring all members of the community a space for equity, economic mobility, and healthy delicous food


A national company that offers access to brilliant and mind freeing space at various locations throughout the city.

To Be Expanded…..

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