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Photo Cred: Courtland Townes III
  • We host & curate events rooted in wellness & art to create positive social impact & change.
  • Events are structured to serve as an economic platform for local artists and wellness entrepreneurs, increase access for Boston’s local residents & ignite local economic vitality.
  • Our events are designed to create authentic relationships & collaborative engagement in both business & personal space(s).
  • We support leading collaborators within the city to expand creativity & innovative design.
  • We support community innovators to increase economic resiliency for them, their staff, and their models.
  • We increase access to education, space, healthy food, clean water, and wellness practices.

Our Current Series:


A Boutique Art & Wellness Series for Artists, Athletes, Academics & Entrepreneurs.

Photo Cred: Lauren Miller

Upcoming Events:

S1E3: Mane Men & Mindfulness

Past Events:

S1E2: Love Action

S1E1: Breathing Beats


A Community Investment Series that uplifts individuals & nonprofits who operate working models of healthy social change.

Events are tailored to the culture of the organization & community. This is an at will fundraising series. All events are free & open to the public. Donations to the Beneficiary are highly enouraged.

Image Per Epicenter Community

2017 Beneficiary: Epicenter Community

Upcoming Events: Save The Date: March 28th: #TruthTuesday | Stay Tuned

Responsible Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities are available & open for discussion | Please contact : erin@peace-boston.com

Past Events:

November 2016 Kickstarter Video Release Party


A Private Service Industry Series for the Food, Retail, Entertainment, & NonProfit Industries.

This series fosters common connections & professional development for those who have dedicated their lives to art of hospitality & service.

Image Per Erin Kay Anderson

Upcoming Events:

Coming Soon in April 2017.

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