If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Wow Sasha Stone — you are one of the most insistently ignorant people I have seen writing swill in a long, long time. Congrats! You have successfully been brainwashed by the MSM and a lousy education system. Sure you can express your opinions but you don’t know jacksh*t about me or anyone else who has chosen to back Dr. Jill Stein. We are NOT in this for a “WIN” like in the football games Americans find so important to attend. Did you actually research Jill Stein AT ALL before writing this judgmental sap? Open your eyes and broaden your horizons. Stop allowing the MSM to spoon feed you about what you are to think and believe. Voting for the lesser of two evils is STILL VOTING FOR EVIL, you dummy dum dum. Seriously. Stop watching T.V., put down your phone, stop judging others and start to EDUCATE YOURSELF. Stand up for something that MATTERS because this drivel you have written here just proves you are proactively ignorant of the TRUTH. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. We are not the Empire of America so why do we have so many military bases all over the world?! Do you know how many military bases the US has? Why don’t you end your willful ignorance and do some actual research. I am proud to support Jill Stein because I support love, acceptance, freedom, understanding, transparency, ending wars, and redirecting our country in a direction of PEACE. I am not selfish. I believe strongly in the environment. Have your read Jill’s Green New Deal??? Probably not. Willful ignorance again. As for LGBT rights or the rights and freedoms of any human being on this planet, well, I am strongly supportive of that too. Declaring I don’t want a reasonable person on the Supreme Court is the silliest thing yet. The 9th supreme court judge is supposed to be nominated by Obama. He is the President. It is his job and Congress is standing in the way of that. Ruth Ginsberg is one of my heroes! As for wanting attention. No, I do not. I have severe social anxiety and find it difficult to leave my home. I guess that is why I am educated about all these subjects and you are not because research is what I do for fun. Stop judging others and take care of your own backyard honey. You still have a lot to learn. Peace to you and yours — because Kindness is my Religion. That’s just how I roll. #LetJillSpeak

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