Forget Happiness. Focus on Unhappiness.
Zat Rana

What a fascinating article. It prompted me to reflect on a falling out I had with a friend many years ago.

My friend and I were travelling through India together back in the 90’s. My friend was finding it very difficult to adjust to the harsh reality of ‘roughing it’ due to backpacking on a budget. Approximately three weeks into the trip he demanded we cut the trip short and both go home. My response was that I would be sorry to see him go home. I also expressed my sadness for him that the travelling experience was not what he expected. But ultimately if he went home early I would be continuing with the trip. Suffice to say an argument ensued and his last comment to me will always stick in my mind “you will never amount to anything because you have such low expectations from life.”

At the time that comment initially angered me. However some twenty years later I find myself in a career that I am so passionate about, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. At the same time my life is incredibly difficult at the moment. However by taking charge of how I view and manage such adversity I am able to have enough control to navigate my way through it. I have also embraced all the positives that have been the result of my trauma.

To conclude, I do not claim any credit on my part. Simply put, I am lucky to have a predisposition to such a pragmatic outlook on life.

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