Why Do Men Put So Little Effort Into Serious Dating?
Emma Lindsay

I am with you (and I am a female, so am not going to weigh in with anti-you comments here). I’m happy being single (perhaps too much so), and have a hard time finding a man who adds to my life experience more than I do already. And so…I’m usually single. I’ve known since I was a teenager that I don’t want children, though, so that takes a lot of pressure off of me. Having watched both male and female friends navigate their relationships over the years, my anecdotal summary is men need women more than women need men. Both are sad when their relationships end, but the women flourish and socialize after time, whereas the men just find another relationship shortly after the last one ends. There’s exceptions, but this has been a prevailing theme in my largely heterosexual circle of friends over the past decades. I always know when male coworkers are going through a breakup, because the gym bag suddenly reappears on their shoulder: the search begins anew.

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