Game Development Companies in Serbia

Game development has become increasingly popular in Serbia, just like it has been growing all over the world. We have decided to compile a list of game development companies in Serbia that anyone can use for whatever purpose they need. Thus, here are some but we are sure the list will grow with time.

  1. Peaksel — Niš

“We specialize in creating, publishing and marketing of mobile games and apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Most of our projects are performed solely by our team in all respects — from getting ideas to marketing finished products. Equipped with fast learning skills, hard work and successful teamwork, we manage to be on top of the game.”

2. Nordeus — Belgrade

“We are an award-winning independent mobile games developer that is composed of 160 awesomely talented people. Our culture is open, dynamic and collaborative. Working in small empowered teams that operate with a very flat structure, we exist to make a difference in the lives of our players, of our people and within our community.”

3. Eipix — Novi Sad

“Founded in 2005, Eipix entered the gaming industry by working on a number of independent projects of various size and scope. We believe we can sample the best of our or any other world, and use that as a cornerstone to build upon a countless number of worlds limited by nothing but the sheer power of imagination.”

4. Webelinx — Niš

“Our one and only goal is to provide users with high-quality games and apps! We create and develop the best artistic, fanciful and challenging games and apps for Android, iOS and Windows phone platforms, along with Facebook. We do it with passion, excellence and perfection.”

5. Mad Head Games — Novi Sad

“Always ready to break new ground, we’re about to reinvent ourselves yet again with our upcoming projects in genres beyond the casual space while retaining our high-standards and a desire to push the industry forward.”

6. TabTale Serbia — Belgrade

“TabTale creates fresh mobile content for the whole family, every week. With a rich and high-quality portfolio that includes original and licensed properties, we lovingly produce digital adventures that entertain, challenge, and engage families all over the world.”

7. Brave Giant — Novi Sad

“Brave Giant is a development and publishing studio, working on premium quality video-games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Store. Building strong partnerships over the years with world’s most recognized video-games companies, Brave Giant reached millions of satisfied players all over the globe, delivering them an unique and exciting games and game-play experience.”

8. Phoenix Game Studio — Niš

“Phoenix Game Studio is an independent game development company situated in Serbia. We are a small team driven by the same passion for developing and distributing fun and addictive games.”

9. Neopix — Niš

“We believe in quality without compromise, specializing in promoting niche and luxury brands, products and services. We offer branding, design and development services with a client base ranging from start up businesses to established organizations.”

10. Cofa Games — Belgrade

“We are gaming enthusiasts, we like to play games. Among us, we also happen to have pretty good programming and design skills. Put the two together and you have COFA Games — bunch of gamers united by the same goal and working under one roof. Goal is to create great games for desktops, tablets, mobile.”

11. Zero Gravity — Belgrade

“Our team consists of gaming industry professionals and skilled enthusiasts dedicated to creating an exceptional gaming experience. We always look for innovative ideas and we foster open-minded and creative working environment.”

12. Moonburnt Studio — Belgrade

“Moonburnt is an independent video game studio currently making a post-apocalyptic steampunk point and click adventure “COLUMNAE: A Past Under Construction”.”

13. Digital Arrow

“Digital Arrow is a game development company that produces high quality, next generation games to Handheld, Windows, Linux, Mac & Consoles. Much like the characters we help bring to life, our teams of professional specialists are our very own gaming heroes, brilliantly combining experience, creative talent and innovative technology — all in order to deliver titles that succeed.”

14. 3 Heroes Studio — Belgrade

“3 Heroes Studio is a small indie developer studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. We are passionate gamers that realized their child dream in creating and running a gaming company. Our team is dedicated in completing every task that they have in front of them in time and with the best quality.”

15. Wizards Time — Niš

“Wizards Time is an entertainment and media company that builds its future around costumers’ aspirations, innovative ideas and Wizards Time team’s dedication. Our company is mainly interested in designing games for kids. The purpose of these games is meant to be educational but entertaining as well. We continually strive to better our games, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.”

16. Phime — Zrenjanin

“Indie game developers and graphic aficionados. Crafting with the Unity3D #unity3d and Blender #b3d.”

17. Industry Entertainment

“INDUSTRY Entertainment is a game development and publishing label, founded by Nemanja Bondžulić in 2002. INDUSTRY Entertainment grew up from the similarly named demo-scene group, Industry, whose main occupation was creating demos and intros for 8-bit computers Commodore 64 and 16-bit Amiga computers.”

18. Entertainment Forge — Belgrade

“We are a few man indie game developers whose aim is to create awesome and exciting games that you players will love.”

19. Two Desperados — Belgrade

20. Paprikari — Leskovac