Pop Punk Is Still A Thing, Thank You Very Much
Samantha Harrington

I’m 100% in the same boat. At 28 I recently started listening to this music again and it was like pieces of me ebbed back into myself.

This culture of calm and zen and yoga and meditation is all well and good and is the path I have followed to find peace in the world: but remembering every single lyric to “cute without the e” was a very good day and my spotify playlist “ growing up punk” is now my go to when things get rough. I angst out to the distillers, early rise against and AFI. Earlier this year i saw pennywise and antiflag and I was home. A part of a community I had left, but hadn’t left me. I now have a little collection of band shirts again. I wear them under a black hoodie and I feel powerful AF.

In this world of positive psychology.. maybe just enough return to 2005 and emo it up. Thanks for sharing this. Its spot on.

"Maybe this place is the same and we’re just changing" - Real Friends

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