Pearls Band- Health Monitoring Band

Wearable gadgets always attract people of different age groups. Some of the wearable are not only for style, but also helps people in monitoring their health status. Modern lifestyles, careless nature and busy work schedules makes us unhealthy and many of us are suffering from heart problems, blood pressure issues, stress or other health issues. Many of us are unaware of the issues we are suffering from due to lack of health checkups or ignorance towards health concerns. Fitness tracker is one of the popular ways to keep track your progress.

Pearls Band is a wrist wearable device that helps people to keep track of their daily activities. The Pearls Band can track and keep you up to date with important health issues such as blood pressure, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, fatigue level, blood oxygen, and lots more. This is a wearable that tracks not only your health, but goes deeper into smart features such as speed monitor, distance covered, steps, connected GPS, caller ID trace, notifications and lots more. The Pearls Band has its built-in Bluetooth technology that allows wireless connectivity with your smartphone.

The Pearls Band is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production. The campaign had successfully crossed its initial target within the launch day and continuing with stretch goals to add more features to the Pearls Band. The campaign had already unlocked the #1 stretch goal and now moving toward to unlock the next stretch goal. Now, to encourage people and to get more success, Pearls Band is organizing a referral contest in which people will get an opportunity to get the Peals Band for free.

There are numbers of fitness devices in the market, but Pearls Band is one of the best fitness tracker bands that helps track your daily activities. So if you think Pearls Band is something you could benefit from, visit the campaign now to make a pledge and help Pearls Band become a reality. To check full features or to make a pledge, visit

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