Pearls Band is coming soon on Indiegogo

Today’s electronic market is leaning towards the wearable gadgets day by day. According to current market status, people love these type of gadgets and making these devices part of their life.

There are already some big names of the companies who did great in the market and achieved a very high position like Garmin, Fitbit, etc. Due to the development and huge interest of the consumers, some cool gadgets are coming in the market soon. These gadgets not only care about your fitness also care about your health. Out of these new gadgets, we found this new product highly interesting “Pearls band” . This band making entry into the market through IndieGoGo. It is loaded with health monitoring functions and tips.

Pearls Band is ultimate smart wearable which is capable of monitoring Blood pressure, Blood oxygen, heart rate and fatigue level. Not even this it keeps you update about your health and provide you great tips to stay healthy. Along with fitness tracking, It provides GPS, calling feature,notifications and much more.

This device is very affordable and very useful. On IndieGoGo special launch, You can get this at $79. Numbers of features making this device attraction for health lovers.

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