By Alistair Lawrence

Got a taste for adventure riding? Leave the cycling computer at home and not only will you be following our ancient ancestors, you’ll give your brain a workout, too.

Pearson adventure collection: performance bikes, clothing and accessories.

The Pearson Adventure collection is designed for intrepid riders, those who like to rely a bit less on their GPS and a bit more on what they see around them. And history shows we cyclists shouldn’t always depend upon others for guidance. People like Hieronymus Bosch, for example, whose Garden of Earthly Delights, painted in the 15th century, depicts a flat Earth floating in a sphere. …

Responsibly designed from recycled materials, Pearson’s new cold-weather bib tights offer exceptional comfort and performance. They are built around a unique pad, whose construction is informed by a decade’s worth of bike-fitting data, accumulated at Pearson Performance, our Sheen store. This information has helped us continually adapt our designs, to give our customers the best riding experience possible.

Pearson ‘Survival of the Fittest’ bib tights: 100% recycled insulated fabric, pad developed by taking notes.

The man who inspired our new tights, Charles Darwin, is synonymous with evolution. The story begins in 1831, when Darwin took the position of naturalist, aboard a British naval expedition to survey the coast of South America. The voyage was to last…

A demystification of gravel riding for all types of rider interested in this exciting new form of cycling. Talks and experiences from experts and newly adopted gravel riders.

As our great friend Holly Seear put it: “Usually gravel adventures involve sleeping (or falling) in a ditch.”

However, Guy’s latest jaunt was a more civilised affair. No knocks and bruises, no mouthfuls of mud (not that we don’t love the action!) just a few glasses of wine and beer as we delved into the world of cycling’s latest craze from the relative comfort of our Sheen HQ.

Armed with his years…

The phrase ‘stiffen the sinews’ first entered popular consciousness in 1599, when William Shakespeare’s Henry V galvanised his countrymen on the eve of a fictional battle of Agincourt. Frankly, the bard should have known better, given his own son-in-law, John Hall, was a practising physician. Stiffening those fibres connecting muscle to bone is a sure-fire way of tightening up under pressure. Warm and well-stretched, as every cyclist knows, is the recipe for optimum physical performance. That’s why our new road bib shorts, manufactured from sustainable materials, offer exceptional insulation and comfort.

Barber-surgeons in practice. Now hold still, we’ll have that off in a jiffy.

So what other misguided advice might a road rider…

By Alistair Lawrence

Our new Adventure products are created for customers who take the road less travelled. Something that hasn’t always been possible. In the days when our founder, Tom Pearson, was expanding from traditional ironwork into mending bicycles, there weren’t that many roads. At least, not that you could cycle on, once horses, cartwheels and the English winter had done their worst.

Harry Pearson with sons Len and Arthur. Featuring the Pearson Endeavour all-road machine.

There were still those prepared to try. Men such as Thomas Stevens, the first man to ride around the world by bicycle, in 1884, aboard his trusty penny farthing. …

Christmas is a time for family, and Pearson 1860 has been a family cycling business for 160 years. Now in the hands of a fifth generation, we hope future Pearsons will continue our mission, to get more people cycling and produce the most sustainable bikes and kit. Yet as history shows, keeping things in the family can be fraught with risk.

The generations game. In a long-running column for Britain’s Guardian newspaper, the journalist Ian Sansom profiled numerous dynasties; politicians, monarchs, musicians, artists and sports stars. In some fields, such as banking, there were too many to number. “The Barings…

When Tom Pearson, our founder, first opened for business, in 1860, he probably thought his humble bike shop was a low-key affair, writes James Faulkner. At least compared with what else was happening around the world.

If hindsight is a wonderful thing, the opposite, foresight, is equally rewarding. At Pearson 1860, we’ve come to rely on both. Hindsight tells us what we’ve done well (and could do better), just as it was foresight, 159 years ago, that got us here in the first place. That’s the year, 1860, that our founder Tom Pearson opened his first bike store. The first…

By James Faulkner

We know cycling is good for both body and mind, even if we’re not exactly sure why.

It releases endorphins. That’s the best most of us can muster as we regale some poor soul with the time-splits for our latest sportive, or the benefits of hill reps. Heaven forbid we’ll be asked to explain what endorphins actually are.

The term endorphin is derived from two words: ‘endogenous’, a biologist’s term for ‘internal’; and ‘morphine’, the opium-based drug used for pain relief. Endorphins occur naturally in the body and are distributed in the blood and by the central…

160 Year Old Cyclist — find out about his history

After over a century and a half in business, it still comes back to the same things — be kind and look after your customers. We’ve had one friend longer than any other, Fraser has been with us since the beginning, at the spritely young age of 160 there’s not much he hasn’t seen.

A brief resume of the life of one of the world’s greatest cyclists:

Name: Fraser ‘On The Rivet’ Fothergill

Born: Aberfeldy, Scotland.

Date of birth: 20.2.1859

Currently residing: Sutton, England.

Married: Betty Turner 1879, died 1933

Married: Carol Dindle 1936, absconded 1968

At Pearson, we design the bikes in our Road collection to ensure you get the most from your riding experience. We design them to provide an optimal position, then build them to guarantee years of comfortable use. It’s a philosophy we’ve carried over into our new collection of Road clothing.

The new Road Insulated Jacket. A lightweight but robust outer layer, it’s designed for colder days. (The name is a bit of a spoiler.) Those days when you want to prove you can cut it, that you can ride long and hard, no matter how far the temperature drops. It’s…

The 1860

The 1860 is our Pearson journal. Stories of old and new. People and places. News and culture. Please join us in conversation.

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