Pecunio VC Fund (Dubai) teams up with Lynked.World, commits to major investment!

Pecunio is a Dubai-based venture capital fund that holds an ever growing portfolio of blockchain companies with its most recent investments being in leading projects like CoinSeason, Alchemy, Photochain to name a few. As of recently, Pecunio has inked an agreement with Lynked.World, lining out their future strategic cooperation as well as direct financial engagement.

Pecunio will support Lynked.World in the mission to become the leading trust solution of the digital age.

Under the provisions of the investment agreement, Pecunio intends to acquire Lynked.World’s tokens for up to $5,000,000 in crypto assets, with an initial round of $2,000,000. With further top-up rounds envisioned, the targeted transaction will accelerate Lynked.World’s capital raise, growth, and speed-to-market as it expands its institutional visibility globally.

The problem of “Trust” and “Authenticity” In a digital age.

In our digital age, the internet is touching almost all aspects of our lives. From ordering goods online, to being up to date or to stay connected with our families and friends — the use of the internet has become ubiquitous. However there are huge problems when it comes to “trust” and “authenticity” of online identities, documents and data. Identity Fraud, Degree Fraud, CV Fraud are on the rise.

Lynked.World has a very promising approach to solve these issues.

Blockchain Technology has offered promising indications that it can solve at least part of these multi billion dollar issues. Lynked.World, a project conducted by Koinworkx, a Dutch software enterprise, is the leading contender in this field, well worth more that 5 billion USD per year according to industry sources. Lynked.World has successfully deployed a Blockchain enabled trust and authenticity solution via a B2b and app solutions platform. The solution is not only an “MVP”, but a full fledged solution. Renowned institutions are using it already, among them the most prestigious Indian Institute of Technology.

Lynked.Worldwill be the next generation Trust and Authenticity platform, because it is technologically so advanced. Pecunio is pleased to partner with such a dedicated team,” said Reinhard Berger, CEO, Pecunio. “My sincerest congratulations to Arun Kumar, the CEO and Founder ofLynked.World, who is about to redefine how trust and authenticity are established in the digital age. This is a project we will definitely hear a lot about in the future”.

Lynked.World has the potential to become a global Blockchain leader

A necessary requirement to become a leader company in Blockchain Technology is the ability to scale fast on a global level. This requires operational excellence, outstanding industry networks and the development of a global global brand. Pecunio will support Lynked.World in the mission to become the leading trust solution of the digital age.

At Lynked.World we envision and prepare ourselves for a new era of the digital world, embracing blockchain technologies as the primary vehicle for trust and authenticity to ride on, to validate and safeguard digital identities, data and documents. We have a mission to walk new avenues by removing the key constraints around reliability and providing an innovative application platform for the next leap forward towards Web 3.0. In order to accomplish this mission, we have decided to team up with Pecunio. Apart from the obvious financial benefits of the deal for our project, we recognize Pecunio as a leading Blockchain influencer. They have the tools and experience to create global brands for the Blockchain space, and an astonishing industry network which we will leverage for our project”, said Arun Kumar, CEO and Fouder of Lynked.World.

About Lynked.World

Lynked.World is a blockchain based secure platform for individuals and institutions to own, control and share digitally trusted identity, data and documents.

Lynked.World solves critical problems faced by individuals and organizations in today’s digital world:

  • An absence of a guaranteed secure and trusted identity of each individual and entity
  • No common premise for Trust and Authenticity of data across various use cases
  • Inefficiency and increased costs due to intermediaries involved in processes
  • Inability to provide access to many kinds of services over digital platforms due to the non-secure nature of digital identity and associated data

About Pecunio Blockchain Technologies and Pecunio VC Fund

Pecunio is a successful player in the crypto market with an expert team and a global board of advisors with top tier industry pedigree, such as Phil Nunn, Michael Creadon and Sam Ward. Following the first boom cycle of crypto currencies, professional investors start focusing on new and innovative solutions with actual use cases, MVPs and high disruptive potential, we call it “Blockchain 2.0”. Potential candidates with outstanding market potential have surfaced, some of them with a promising outlook to become the next generation of Silicon Valley blue chips. With the required experience and expertise, Pecunio has created a unique and all encompassing solution to capitalize on the opportunities arising from “Blockchain 2.0”. Pecunio’s flagship product is the Pecunio VC fund, that bundles the most promising Blockchain initiatives and allows investors to participate in the prospects of these companies from a very early stage on. Pecunio is led by Reinhard Berger, a former Hedge Fund manager and Capital Markets professional.

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