Pecunio VC fund acquires strategic interest in Latin American Blockchain start-up Woonkly

Pecunio VC fund strikes next strategic investment deal: Woonkly acquisition will open access to South and Latin America

Dubai, October 15th 2018 — Pecunio VC fund announced today a multi-round investment of up to USD 3.000.000,00 in Blockchain start-up Woonkly.

The deal will in turn accelerate Woonkly’s capital raise, growth, and speed-to-market as it widens its services globally. Woonkly is building a blockchain-based social media network.

Pecunio will support Woonkly in the mission to become one of the leading advertising solutions of the new digital age.

Under the provisions of the investment agreement, Pecunio acquires Woonk tokens for up to $3,000,000 in crypto assets. With further top-up rounds envisioned, the targeted transaction will accelerate Woonkly’s capital raise, growth, and speed-to-market as it expands its institutional visibility globally.

Woonkly recognizes Pecunio’s strong brand, industry network and proven investment record as one of the leading blockchain investment platforms. And Pecunio sees Woonkly bringing the best practices of the social media and blockchain worlds, takes the most out of decentralization, privacy and security capabilities of the blockchain revolution.

Founder and CEO of Woonkly Mr.Santos said:

Pecunio VC Fund is one of the best crypto funds in Dubai and MENA region. They are doing everything right and their portfolio is increasing every month with top class ICOs, Startups and Crypocurrencies. We are so happy with this deal and I know this partnership will bring us everything we need in order to conquer the worldwide market

Founder and CEO of Pecunio, Reinhard Berger said:

Woonkly is an inspiring project and the truest application of blockchain to the advertising industry. They are quickly growing a large organic community and have a large ICO contributor’s community without a single penny spent on advertising. With this partnership we are supporting one of the highest potential projects in Latin America, extending the reach of the Pecunio brand, and opening our door to start investing in projects in that region

About Pecunio Blockchain Technologies and Pecunio VC Fund

Pecunio is a Dubai-based venture capital fund that holds an ever growing portfolio of blockchain companies with its most recent investments being in leading projects like Lynked.World, CoinSeason, Alchemy, Photochain to name a few. As of recently, Pecunio has inked an agreement with Woonkly, lining out their future strategic cooperation as well as direct financial engagement.

Pecunio is a successful player in the crypto market with an expert team and a global board of advisors with top tier industry pedigree, such as Phil Nunn, Michael Creadon and Sam Ward. Following the first boom cycle of crypto currencies, professional investors start focusing on new and innovative solutions with actual use cases, MVPs and high disruptive potential, we call it “Blockchain 2.0”. Potential candidates with outstanding market potential have surfaced, some of them with a promising outlook to become the next generation of Silicon Valley blue chips. With the required experience and expertise, Pecunio has created a unique and all-encompassing solution to capitalize on the opportunities arising from “Blockchain 2.0”. Pecunio’s flagship product is the Pecunio VC fund, that bundles the most promising Blockchain initiatives and allows investors to participate in the prospects of these companies from a very early stage on. Pecunio is led by Reinhard Berger, a former Hedge Fund manager and Capital Markets professional.

What is Woonkly?

Woonkly is the first platform that pays people by watching and sharing digital content on different platforms. Woonklys registration is free for both content creators and users. Content creators can link Woonkly to their videos, pictures or posts from different platforms freely in order to get more exposure or if they want to, they can pay their target audience using the Woonk token and users will get paid in Woonk tokens for watching such sponsored content.

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