Stop Calling Mike Cernovich A Rape Apologist

Milo Pedaphilo
7 min readApr 16, 2017


As Pedaphilo Media has reported in recent posts chronically unemployed blogger and pit stain extraordinaire Mike Cernovich has been all over the place in the mainstream media in recent weeks. Starting with a 60 Minutes interview he’s made the rounds to just about every major news outlet both on AND offline. CNN, Mediate, Fox News, Infowars. He’s everywhere.

In fact the entire lineup of what I call the Alt Lite Brat Pack has been doing media tours. Desperate to salvage their “brands” after turning on Trump they’ve obviously asked the MSM to help them mansplain and the MSM, hungry for anti-Trump narratives, happily shoves them in front of a camera.

But that’s an entirely different article (one I WILL get to in time). Today I want to bring something to everybody’s attention about the WAY the media is covering Cernovich. Particularly the negative media.

Several media outlets have begun referring to Cernovich as the “rape apologist”. This started last August after his appearance on Fox News Red Eye I believe. Some sectors of the public have even started using it when referring to Cernovich. This is very troubling to me and I’ll tell you why.

I’ll spare you the boring details of why I started digging into Mike Cernovich and trolling him as I do but trust me when I say at first it was all just in fun. But in looking for a little info to innocently troll some lispy fruit that had insulted me I found dark, disturbing comments and behavior that made me realize this guy’s more than just a possible autist with a speech impediment. He’s a legit bad guy. (In this humble reporters opinion)

My problem with the media calling him “rape apologist” isn’t the fact that it’s a meaningless Cultural Marxism buzz phrase. That IS annoying but that isn’t what bothers me.

What bothers me about “rape apologist” is it doesn’t go far enough. Sure you can’t call him a rapist. He’s never been convicted of rape. But after you see what you’re about to see, you’ll understand why rape apologist isn’t enough. I struggled with WHAT to call him forever before finally settling on Rape Coach. Weird I know but I don’t what else to call it.

Ready to see why I call Mike Cernovich the “Rape Coach”? Lol OK here we go.

Let’s start with the obvious. The thing that has triggered the left more than anything about Cernovich. His old tweets.

The tweet that has gotten the most negative press for Cernovich was one in which he stated “Date rape does not exist” I won’t spend a lot of time on this one except to say the left has spent YEARS trying to prove EVERYTHING is rape and for this man to come along and say rape doesn’t exist?! Well of course it’s going to piss them off.

But by focusing mainly on this tweet the media fails to see the depth and breadth of Cernovich’s disturbing pattern of comments and behavior regarding women.

There are more, less well known tweets that when you combine them with some of his other writings, videos and.. yes…arrest record, you start to see a pattern of behavior that makes one believe Michael Cernovich is a violent sociopath.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into him

The next bit of nastiness I want to bring to your attention starts with a tweet from Mike in which he states he “hate women but loves pussy” and attributes his success with women to an “agro/night club game”.

Now I’ve never heard that term before but I DO know ‘agro' is short for ‘aggressive’. And when you combine that with a quote from Cernovich’s own wife in the New Yorker, your eyebrows suddenly go up.

When asked about how herself and Mike met, Shauna Cernovich stated “He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into him”

These two items together can only lead this reporter to conclude Cernovich was running around southern California grabbing random by the arm in an effort to hook up with them.

The next example is vulgar enough on it’s face, but it ties in nicely with the last two bits of evidence I’ll bring. In this tweet Mike doles out some friendly advice on what to do after you abuse a woman. Just a little “anti-rape game” between bros.

Starting to see why I call him Rape Coach instead of Rape Apologist?? Hang on to your hat. You haven’t seen the best part.

The last pieces of the puzzle I want to put in place here are the ugliest. As far as I concerned anyway. When you take everything thing I’ve shown you, then throw this cherry on the shit sundae, you can understand my disdain for Michael Cernovich

In 2012 Cernovich wrote a blog title ‘When In Doubt Whip It Out’. I have since dubbed it ‘The Date Rape Manual’.

In this bizzare missive, Cernovich details his date with a “selfish tease” that wouldn’t fuck him and how he dealt with it.

First he tries to shame the poor woman into touching his dick using the old “blue balls” line.

When that doesn’t work he resorts to trapping the poor woman in the back seat of a car and masturbating in front of her. I’ll spare you the rest of the article (it’s out there if you want to read it) but in it he describes in graphic detail that he ALWAYS carries an extra undershirt to “wipe up bodily fluids” indicating this is a routine for Saturday night for him.

More disturbing, for me at least, is this was written as an ADVICE COLUMN. This is what he’s recommending to young men.

When you’re not sure if a woman wants to have sex with you pull your dick out and maybe you can shame her into it. If she still resists, force her to watch you masturbate


Finally I’ll leave you with this. In 2003 Mike Cernovich was charged with Sexual Assault.

Now he wasn’t convicted of it but in some of his interviews and tweets regarding the matter a couple things have caught my eye

In one tweet he stated he “won expungement”. Not that he wasn’t guilty or proved he wasn’t guilty but “won expungement”. This is a law student remember.

And in the New Yorker article he stated that he was convicted of misdemeanor battery. So see he CAN’T technically say he wasn’t guilty because he WAS convicted of something. Lawyer speak remember.

But it’s clear SOMETHING happened here because the judge didn’t just let him walk. Obviously more than just a verbal altercation occurred there had to be some sort of physical contact here… the guy that considers it good “game” to grab a woman you don’t know and if she rejects you trapping her in a car masturbating in front of her is always an option.

In closing I’d like to say, while this article DOESN’T prove Mike Cernovich is a rapist it DOES prove there is more to Cernovich’s issue with women than a few off color tweets. At the very least I think we can all agree “rape apologist” isn’t strong enough. He’s much worse so


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